Cored Wires

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The wire feeding process is an innovationfor the traditional nodular (Vermicular, deoxidization) and inoculation processof molten iron. It can effectively improve the comprehensive properties ofductile iron, stabilize production, reduce costs, control soot pollution andimprove working conditions

1.     Basic principle of wire feedingprocess.

The wire feeding process is continuouslydelivering cored wire containing alloy elements to the bottom of the ladle bythe wire feeder, because of the effect of high temperature iron liquid, thecore is melted, and the core material immediately contacts with the molteniron. By changing the composition of core material, it can carry out theprocess of deoxidization, desulfurization, nodulization (or Vermicular), andinoculation.

2.     Characteristics of wire feedingnodulizing process

1)     For wire feeding nodulizingprocess, the amount of alloy added is low (0.8-1.2%) and the dosage is saved,so the cost of nodular treatment can be reduced.

2)     Compare to the spheroidizingprocess, silicon addition can reduce 40%-50%, can increase the amount of recycledmaterial or ball scrap 20%-30%, and good for reduce production costs.

3)     Compare to the spheroidizingprocess, obviously reduce cooling. Under the same conditions, pouringtemperature of molten iron can be increased by 20 -30 .

4)     Compare to the spheroidizingprocess, no alloy weighing, tamping and covering. The amount of addition issmall, and the amount of slag is small. It is dry slag, not sticky, easy toremove. The purity of molten iron is high. The operation is simple and savestime and effort.

5)     Magnesium light, smoke and dustin spheroidizing treatment can be effectively managed and controlled, andpollution of environment caused by magnesium light, smoke and dust can beeliminated.

6)     Spheroidization of wire feedingis controlled by equipment and operated automatically. Quantitative accuracy,and eliminating the interference of human factors. It is convenient for qualitycontrol of spheroidization and makes production more stable.

7)     In wire feeding nodulizingprocess, graphite ball is more finer and evenly distributed, which can improvethe comprehensive properties of ductile iron.

8)     Compare to the spheroidizingprocess, the overall cost of production is reduced by 5%-10%, and good economicbenefits can be obtained.


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